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housekeeping and cleaning

Housekeeping & Home Cleaning Services

Affordable and reliable housekeeping and cleaning services by Jill Of All Trades can help you find more time and keep your home or rental property just the way you like it. Learn more about our weekly, twice monthly, monthly, and on demand plans available in Ocean Reef, Key largo, Tavernier, and Islamorada and pick a plan today!

"There is nothing like being able to relax when I come home from work and know that there is nothing that needs to be done in the house. Thank you Jill of All Trades for all that you do for me!!!!"
Christina of Key Largo 10/02/09
residential cleaning services

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yard maintenanace

Yard Cleaning and Maintenance

Too hot and tired to work in the yard? Yard cleaning and maintenance services by Jill of All Trades can help you keep your yard looking good year round when you are here or away. Pick a plan today!

"I have had significant physical problems and having Jill and co. help out with our housework has meant a great deal to me. I would recommend her company because they would not only help out with the housework but would be there if you needed anything."
Susan of Tavernier 10/04/09
yard maintenance services

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commercial and office cleaning

Office Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning, And Construction Cleanup

Cutting costs? Office cleaning services by Jill of All Trades can help you keep your offices clean with affordable plans. Select a plan today! And find out more about how we can help you get ready to move into a new home or office with our construction cleanup services too!

"Our office has a lot of walk in traffic and Jill of All Trades works hard to keep it clean and fresh. I appreciate their dedication and professionalism."
Judy of The Islamorada Chamber of Commerce 10/13/09
commercial cleaning services

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